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Guest Photoblogger.

Tomorrow, I’ll post my entry in the April Blog Chain. Today, I’ve asked Unfocused Girl if I can post some of her pictures from the walk she, Unfocused Junior, Grandpa Unfocused, and I took at the North Park Nature Center on Saturday. With her permission, I’ll put up some of the best of them.

Important legal notice: Unlike most of my posts, these pictures are subject to Unfocused Girl’s copyright, all rights reserved, rather than a Creative Commons license. She’s a minor and can’t waive her rights. Frankly, I’m taking a risk posting them at all, since the license she’s granted me wouldn’t be enforceable, either. It’s a chance I’m willing to take.

Glad that’s out of the way. Here are the pictures (click the thumbnails for larger size):

A great day was had by all. We didn’t see the deer that left the tracks and the droopings, but we saw the turtle, many geese, two ducks, and a diving beetle. Most important, the kids started to work off the cabin fever that’s been building for the past few months. I hope the weather holds for a while.