Guest Photoblogger.

Tomorrow, I’ll post my entry in the April Blog Chain. Today, I’ve asked Unfocused Girl if I can post some of her pictures from the walk she, Unfocused Junior, Grandpa Unfocused, and I took at the North Park Nature Center on Saturday. With her permission, I’ll put up some of the best of them.

Important legal notice: Unlike most of my posts, these pictures are subject to Unfocused Girl’s copyright, all rights reserved, rather than a Creative Commons license. She’s a minor and can’t waive her rights. Frankly, I’m taking a risk posting them at all, since the license she’s granted me wouldn’t be enforceable, either. It’s a chance I’m willing to take.

Glad that’s out of the way. Here are the pictures (click the thumbnails for larger size):

A great day was had by all. We didn’t see the deer that left the tracks and the droopings, but we saw the turtle, many geese, two ducks, and a diving beetle. Most important, the kids started to work off the cabin fever that’s been building for the past few months. I hope the weather holds for a while.


4 responses to “Guest Photoblogger.

  1. Nice photos. What’s weird is that when I look at this entry in blogsurfer, it pulls in all of MY flickr photos.

  2. That’s very strange. I didn’t use Flickr for the post at all — I haven’t even loaded the photos onto Flickr yet, I just imported them into iPhoto on my MacBook, then uploaded them onto WordPress. Where does it pull them — into your browser window? Anybody else having that issue?

  3. It seems, in blog surfer, to be pulling in my photos (and now that I think about it – all of these may be ones I uploaded into WP). But, when I click on the link to your blog, I see your photos. I have to say, it was very disconcerting to read about your daughter’s photos and then see mine! They must be fooling around with coding or something at WP HQ.

  4. Wow!! Great pics!! We are hoping to have a camera available for our kids on our upcoming journey – hopefully they will take some nice ones too!

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