Mrs. Unfocused Declares Independence.

I’d like to welcome my wife to the blogosphere.  Mrs. Unfocused informs me that I do not say enough nice things about her in my blog (even though she deserves to be praised to the skies), and she has decided to take matters into her own hands.  The-Spouse-Formerly-Known-As-Mrs.-Unfocused is now blogging at The Siren, Syncopated under the screen name the Green Eyed Siren (which fits, because she is one). I’ll use that name for her here as well, since in real life she never took my name and it rankled her a bit that here on the tubes she was stuck with it.

Something else to add to the list of Things Daddy Must Never Joke About:  explaining the myth of the sirens to the kids, I said that they were beautiful women whose mesmerizing songs would lure sailors to their doom, and then added, “they were beautiful and dangerous, just like Mommy.”  And then we all had a good laugh and moved on.

Not.  But Junior eventually stopped berating me for being so mean, and only brought it up three or four more times before he went to bed.


6 responses to “Mrs. Unfocused Declares Independence.

  1. It’s always nice when kids can keep bringing stuff up to get you in trouble.

    Glad to see your wife out here; now we can get her side of the story.

  2. See! That’ll learn ya! :D Congrats to Green Eyed Siren on her new blog. :)

  3. Glad she joined the blog land.

    And remeber that internet meme you threw my way the other day?

    Well, tag, your it!

  4. Wait, what? What meme? I did the five questions — that’s how you ended up with them. Or do you mean something else? I’ve been a little sleep deprived, maybe I’m blogging in my sleep.

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