Happy Birthday, Unfocused Girl!

Hey there. It’s been a busy week, and I haven’t really had time to touch base, or sleep much, or anything.  But I’m still here, as you can see from the Twitter feed on the sidebar.

Today is our beautiful, brilliant daughter’s 8th birthday. I can’t believe how big she’s gotten, and how mature she getting. She is also a genuinely nice, gentle person.

Except on Saturday mornings, when we train, along with Junior, to be the FIGHTING UNFOCUSEDS.  Time to get ready for Family Taekwondo, the one hour a week when she gets no greater pleasure than from punching and kicking me, or taking me down to the mat.


8 responses to “Happy Birthday, Unfocused Girl!

  1. Happy birthday unfocused girl! Just think, she’s halfway to driving age. :)

  2. Huzzah for birthdays! :D

  3. A very happy 8th to her. If she ever needs a pen pal, just let me know! Dusty would be up for it.

  4. Thanks, all.

    And Freshhell, she’s enthusiastic about the pen pal idea. Snail mail or email?

  5. Happy Birthday, Unfocused Girl!

    And it’s great you take Family Taekwondo.

    note to Unfocused Girl- have fun beating up your dad!

  6. Ack! I’m late. Belated happy birthday to Unfocused Girl!

  7. Snail for now. She doesn’t have an email address and using mine’s probably too cumbersome. I’ll email you my address soon.

  8. Happy to your daughter. I pray that she becomes happy in life.

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