Feb. 3, 2008: The topic for February 2008 Flash Fiction Carnival is COWARDICE, and that’s the name of my story. You can find it here. The folks who put together the Flash Fiction Carnival suggest using it as an opportunity to take a break from longer works in progress and to try out a different style or genre. I thought those were excellent suggestions; my piece is a real departure from my usual style and recent subject matter. Your comments are welcome.

May 23, 2008:  A few days ago, I posted approximately 200 words of dialogue from my current novel-in-progress, Meet the Larssons, as my entry to Nathan Bransford’s Preposterously Magnificent Dialogue Challenge.  I didn’t win.  Here’s my entry.

November 24, 2008:  My first published story, “On the Job Training,” posted on 365 Tomorrows today.


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  1. How do I subscribe to your blog? Any writer is worth following as long as they have something to say. I see you do. So, tell me? I’d like to see more.

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