The Week Before Vacation.

As usual, the couple of weeks before our family beach vacation are a complete nightmare at work.  This year, it’s complicated by a couple of looming deadlines that are actually in the middle of the two-week trip.  There was nothing I could do about them, so I’m stuck with a fair amount of work during the first week at the beach.  If I used emoticons, I would be typing a lot of colon-shift-9s.

One of the deadlines is a writing gig:  the first draft of my chapter for a legal treatise is coming due.  I’ve done a fair amount, but still have a lot to grind through.  I think I’ll be glad I did it once it’s done, but right now I’m kicking myself for agreeing to it.

As a result, the novel is stalled for another few weeks.  Project Hometown is at 14,479 words but I’m not likely to make any progress until the chapter is done.

Let me recommend a writer’s blog that is actually updated regularly, and provides valuable advice:  Jeremiah Tolbert, a science fiction writer and the managing editor of one of my favorite podcasts, Escape Pod. His latest post describes his insane-jealousy-inspiring week at Launchpad, the conference put on by NASA for science fiction writers to help them get the actual science right.


10 responses to “The Week Before Vacation.

  1. how have I lived all my life so far without knowing about this? commencing application date webstalking …. now!

  2. Have you watched any of the videos from LaunchPad? It looks like an interesting, intense time.

  3. Hey! I know from Escape Pod! They did one of my husband’s stories just recently.

    I’m glad to know you’re writing fiction.

    • Hey, that’s neat – I remember that story & liked it.

      I came back to fiction writing about a year and a half ago. Making the time for it has been challenging but I’m enjoying the hell out of it.

  4. You were always one of the best of our crowd.

  5. Sorry you have to bring some work with you, but have a great vacation nonetheless. :)

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