On Vacation.

Typing this out on my phone doing 75 on I-80 through eastern Ohio, the Siren driving. Time for our annual two weeks at the beach, thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

It took us a little while to get out of Dodge, but we managed. This year, the Siren’s new car enabled us to add a bike rack big enough to hold all of our bikes. We now look like one of those sporty families who are always off on those active vacations that sound much cooler than just hanging at the beach and eating too many crabcakes. I do like crabcakes, though, and Dogfish Head beer, which flows aplenty at the Dogfish Head Brewpub 5 minutes from our little shack.

I think a brewery tour is in order this year.

I brought more work than usual,, but I think it will all be done by next Friday, so the second week should be completely relaxed. Meanwhile, there should still be plenty of time for hanging out on the beach, catching up with some old friends, and getting thrown to the mats by the kids – last summer we bought our own gym mats for taekwondo practice and turned the deck into our own private mini dojang.

I love summer vacation.


6 responses to “On Vacation.

  1. Your sentence about looking like a “sporty family” made me laugh out loud. We pretty much look like what we are, the family who eats crabcakes.

  2. Beach? Lake or seashore?

  3. Have a great vacation and wave at me as you back west!

  4. Hope you all are having a great time. We had a lovely beach vacation and I’m sad it’s over for another 51 weeks.

  5. Sorry to take so long to respond, just catching up. Thanks for the goodwishes, all.

    Ralph: ocean. We have a piece of a family beach house in Delaware.

  6. Freshhell: sorry your trip is over – I hope it was as good or better than last year’s.

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