Winter Sunday Stats (but it feels like spring): 1/29/2012

Everything you need to know about last week: I’m even posting this a day late.

Running: None. Zero. Nada. Null set. Zip-a-rooni. A goose egg. I got sick again, just a nasty cold, but having really only just recovered from my second round of bronchitis this season a couple of weeks ago, it knocked me on my ass until the end of the week. At least I made it to taekwondo and weapons practice with the Boy on Saturday morning, but I skipped any kind of run on Sunday, even though I was feeling all right — the doctor’s last threat of pneumonia made a lasting impression, plus I’m inherently lazy.  

The Girl missed our usual Saturday Martial Arts Extravaganza because she was in Lisle for the day, kicking ass at her first Science Olympiad invitational.  Why yes, those are TWO shiny new gold medals hanging in her room, thank you for noticing.

Writing:  Not my best effort. I wrote 1,029 words this week, (total for the draft is now 85,338). I only wrote on Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, and even then, less than 200 words per day on Monday and Thursday. But any forward motion is still progress. I’m getting back into the groove, at least a little. We’ll see how I do this weekend.

As an experiment, I have uninstalled Ad0be Flash on my MacBook Air. There are security issues with Flash, and I’ve read that it can keep running in the background even after you’ve closed your browser, slowing the processor and draining the battery.  To the extent I need Flash for something, I open it in Chrome, which has Flash embedded into it so that it shuts down completely when you close the browser.  So far, I haven’t needed it much – most Y0uTub3 videos run in HTML5 now (I had to opt into YT’s HTML5 group), but it’s still used for video on a lot of other sites, such as news stations (and clips of The Daily Show).  I haven’t noticed any huge improvements, either, but it’s only been a couple of days.


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