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Guest Photoblogger.

Tomorrow, I’ll post my entry in the April Blog Chain. Today, I’ve asked Unfocused Girl if I can post some of her pictures from the walk she, Unfocused Junior, Grandpa Unfocused, and I took at the North Park Nature Center on Saturday. With her permission, I’ll put up some of the best of them.

Important legal notice: Unlike most of my posts, these pictures are subject to Unfocused Girl’s copyright, all rights reserved, rather than a Creative Commons license. She’s a minor and can’t waive her rights. Frankly, I’m taking a risk posting them at all, since the license she’s granted me wouldn’t be enforceable, either. It’s a chance I’m willing to take.

Glad that’s out of the way. Here are the pictures (click the thumbnails for larger size):

A great day was had by all. We didn’t see the deer that left the tracks and the droopings, but we saw the turtle, many geese, two ducks, and a diving beetle. Most important, the kids started to work off the cabin fever that’s been building for the past few months. I hope the weather holds for a while.


April Weekend, April Blog Chain.

The first weekend with real spring weather, at last! My father flew out for the weekend, and we had a good visit. Yesterday morning, we took the kids out front to ride their bikes on the sidewalk, both still with training wheels. After about 15 minutes, Unfocused Girl pulled up in front of me and asked me to take off her training wheels, because she said they were slowing her down. I could not get the wrenches fast enough. It took a little work, but she made it a few wobbly feet before we had to knock off.

We spent the afternoon at the nearby Park District Nature Center, walking the woods and wetlands. Tomorrow I’ll post some of the pictures Unfocused Girl took. She and Junior had a blast running up and down the trails.

This afternoon, Unfocused Girl was back on the bike. She can now ride the entire length of the block without help (she still needs me to hold the bike steady when she starts, though), but only SOUTHBOUND. Coming back up the block, she goes in bursts of five to ten feet, starting and stopping or falling down. Our block is perfectly flat, so it isn’t a question of incline. It’s very strange, but we’re working on it.

So there it is. Right up at the top of the list of great moments in parenting: when your kid comes to you and asks to have the training wheels taken off her bike.

Junior wants to use her training wheels for some kind of project. We’ll see.

I’ve joined the Absolute Write April Blog Chain. I can’t seem to get onto the Absolute Write website tonight, but it doesn’t look like it’s my turn yet. Here’s the list of participants (I’m third):

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I’m supposed to be preparing materials for a short speech I’m giving next week for work, so I should probably go back to that. After all, I don’t want to end up like these guys, although there’s really no danger of that, at least not from over-blogging.

Happy Pi Day!

Today, March 14, 2008, is Pi Day (3/14, get it?). Unfocused Girl has been getting interested in math lately, and her basic arithmetic has been improving by leaps and bounds. What really gets her attention, though, are the big ideas, and π, which embodies so many important math concepts, has captured her imagination. Unfocused Girl has even memorized the first 11 digits of π (3.1415926535). In honor of Pi Day, I promised her I would post links to some of her favorite Pi places on the web.

First, what is π (Pi)? Here’s a link to the collective wisdom of the Intertubes at Wikipedia.org.

Here is the official website of Pi Day. Happy Pi Day!

This video has Unfocused Girl’s favorite song: The Pi Song (there are a lot of YouTube vids called “The Pi Song”; this one is her favorite).

She is also fond of The Number Pi Challenge, and Happy Pi Day!!!!!!!!!! There are many, many more, but not all are appropriate for children (that is, I don’t think they’re appropriate for my children; you can make your own decisions).