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Happy Pi Day!

Today, March 14, 2008, is Pi Day (3/14, get it?). Unfocused Girl has been getting interested in math lately, and her basic arithmetic has been improving by leaps and bounds. What really gets her attention, though, are the big ideas, and π, which embodies so many important math concepts, has captured her imagination. Unfocused Girl has even memorized the first 11 digits of π (3.1415926535). In honor of Pi Day, I promised her I would post links to some of her favorite Pi places on the web.

First, what is π (Pi)? Here’s a link to the collective wisdom of the Intertubes at Wikipedia.org.

Here is the official website of Pi Day. Happy Pi Day!

This video has Unfocused Girl’s favorite song: The Pi Song (there are a lot of YouTube vids called “The Pi Song”; this one is her favorite).

She is also fond of The Number Pi Challenge, and Happy Pi Day!!!!!!!!!! There are many, many more, but not all are appropriate for children (that is, I don’t think they’re appropriate for my children; you can make your own decisions).