News From the Lump.

I’m not sure why I’ve been staying away from the blog lately.  I’ve been busy at work, and have been working on a couple of writing projects, but probably the biggest thing keeping me off has been the spring weather.

Unfocused Girl and I went out on Saturday and bought her a new bike.  She had outgrown — in more ways that one — the pink and white, ribbon-festooned bike she started on.  She only started being able to ride without training wheels at the end of last summer, and then only shakily.  Apparently the problem was the bike, because once we got her badass new blue BMX bike (with free decals of fists clutching swords) home she was off and riding with hardly a wobble.  Junior followed her up and down the block on his Spider-Man bike (still with training wheels, but he’s already talking about getting rid of them).  I spent most of Saturday and Sunday afternoons outside cheering them on and taking pictures.

But I have been doing some writing and will try to post about it tonight or tomorrow, and maybe kick out a podcast post this week.

Hope you’re enjoying the spring weather, too.


2 responses to “News From the Lump.

  1. Spring? Ha! It is already summer, well summer between the downpours that is. But glad the kids are taking off and that the sun is out in your neighborhood.

  2. Ralfast – At least we have the rain in common.

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