My first trackback

I had a frenetically busy day at work today, largely because opposing counsel in a case I’m working on filed a bunch of motions on Friday, to be heard tomorrow morning, then mailed them. From out of state. We found about it purely by luck and got copies by email, but still.

Here’s a tip to the attorneys out there who think that’s acceptable: You should know there’s something wrong with you when other lawyers think you’re an asshole.

Logging onto my blog account this evening, though, I got a nice surprise: my first trackback! I didn’t actually know what trackbacks are, so I did a search on The Google and found this very helpful article by Dave Taylor, suggesting that many trackbacks are from spammers, as, unfortunately, was mine. But still! A spammer — a professional marketer — thinks my blog is worth hitching a ride on! The three of you out there who occasionally read this blog (hi, Mrs. Unfocused!) must be very important consumers. Try to step up the consuming, though. The economy’s going in the tank.


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