Pardon Me for Not Shaking Hands.

… but you might have the swine flu — I’m watching it approach Chicago in real time here. Or the zombie plague. And I don’t want to catch either one. I didn’t post any stats this weekend because I was too busy digging out a fortified bunker under the kids’ playset. I may post the stats tonight or tomorrow, if I can get the canned goods, weapons, and gold coins stashed in time to hide the family from the coming collapse of civilization.  When Mother Abigail from The Stand shows up on Twitter, it’s time to duck and cover.

For another perspective, you could read Mike’s polyannaish post.  But don’t get too close, I think I just heard him sneeze.


10 responses to “Pardon Me for Not Shaking Hands.

  1. Shut up! (*fingers in ears* – La, la, la, I can’t hear you!)

  2. Polyannaish? Just for that, I’m coming to blow up your bunker! :)

  3. The worst thing about this flu (well, despite the poor people who’ve died from it) is how utterly excited the press is.

  4. Haha!

    I’m waiting for it to come to Australia so I can use it as an excuse to lock myself home and write.

  5. The sky is not falling. I’m going to imitate freshhell.

  6. Benjamin – You need to check the map I linked to again.

    Jeanne – Sure it isn’t. Just don’t look up without wearing goggles – you might get something in your eye.

  7. Ugh!

    *hides in house whilst secretly wooing!*

  8. I had the flu several times, thought I was going to die (or at least cough up a lung), didn’t and here I am.

    You should be careful with the little ones, of course, but the best thing you can do is stay healthy through diet, exercise and proper rest.

  9. Thankks for writing this

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