Always Crazy, Sometimes Wrong.

That’s how Junior described his old man tonight. I’m gonna get it printed on a t-shirt.

And happy happy happy happy birthday to Mrs. Unfocused, to whom I have given… nothing.

Not my fault, though. Blame Steve Jobs. Three more days.

8 responses to “Always Crazy, Sometimes Wrong.

  1. Mrs. Unfocused

    Don’t say you didn’t give me anything for my birthday. You have refrained–for the ENTIRE DAY–from taunting me about our vast age difference. Six days seem utterly insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but during these six days I am decidedly the older woman, and I am grateful that for once in our twenty year relationship you have not spent the day remarking upon it.

    Additionally, you have given me our wonderful Unfocused Family, for which I am daily grateful.

    Still, you’d best be first in line at the AT&T store on Friday. I haven’t forgotten the Mother’s Day Sudoku Cube debacle. Always crazy, sometimes wrong indeed.

  2. Actually, I’m planning to wait in line all of Thursday night, starting as soon as I leave the office, so don’t wait up.

    And you haven’t solved the sudoku cube yet, have you? Huh? I didn’t think so. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, babe.

  3. Mrs. Unfocused

    You seem to be under the mistaken impression that I have the free time to sit around solving a Sudoku Cube. I have fancy custom slings to make for our spirited boy, and a dollhouse to build and decorate in a “lost on the grounds of Hogwarts and inhabited by a clan of intelligent, wizard-assisting cats” theme for our imaginative girl.

  4. Hmm, Mrs. Unfocused, it sounds like you need a few more things to do. A very happy birthday. Sorry I’m a day late!

  5. My kids would describe me as,

    Always Wrong, Sometimes Crazy.

    Later when they grow up and get out on their own they do actually think you know a thing or two.


  6. That’s good to hear, Steve.

  7. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Unfocused.

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