Flagrant Violation of Law!

Oh, crap. This guy says that all bloggers are obligated to post photographs of their cats within 30 days of starting to blog. I’ve been blogging for about 6 weeks, so I’m well past the deadline, and even worse, I don’t have a cat!

I’m allergic, OK? My son has asthma. Geez.

What to do? What to do? The blogosphere has no mercy.

OK, here’s an idea: The other day John Scalzi gave his readers a picture of one of his cats to use for LOLcats. So here’s a LOLcat.

I can haz cup for ma nu bucket?!?

Does that avoid any penalties? I’d hate to get tagged as a scofflaw so early in my blogging career.


4 responses to “Flagrant Violation of Law!

  1. I believe that a LOLCat does count, but don’t take my word for it–I’m new to this blogging thing myself.

  2. That’s a relief, thanks.

  3. Well, I managed to sneak past some pictures of a stuffed animal, therefore LOLcats should most definitely count. :)

  4. Having said that, a LOLFish would be even better. :)

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