I’m heading off to the Firm’s partners’ conference in sunny Florida today! So excited! I’ll miss the Shamrock Shuffle (moved to April this year to avoid the blizzards), but in its place I’ll have two full days of PowerPoint presentations on firm finances, large AND small group sessions on strategic initiatives, and of course, inter-office and cross-disciplinary networking opportunities! Slide shows and spreadsheets, with a chaser of mingling and small talk – the word “awesomesauce” was created for weekends like this.

On the upside, there’s a fair amount of socially acceptable drinking, and the Saturday afternoon group activities are a heck of a lot more varied and interesting than the first one of these things I went to (at the Old Firm), when the choices were (a) golf, and (b) spa day! (for the lady partners — this was 2005, so they had to be progressive). I think I went for a long run that afternoon instead. Maybe I’ll do the same thing this time, when I start to lose my mind after 7 hours straight of synergistic paradigm-shifting bullet-point riddled slide shows.


7 responses to “PowerPointapalooza!

  1. I was wondering if you were doing the Shamrock this year. I would go for the golfing myself, but I wouldn’t want to sit through the slog of PowerPoint presentations. Not fun.

    Can you drink during the presentations? That would certainly help!

  2. Wow. You are so lucky. Would you like me to send you Dusty’s powerpoint presentation on the six historical Virginia places she visited? There’s lots of cool effects she worked in for every. single. slide.

  3. That’s a possibility. The whole thing probably need way more text anyway. I’ll see if she can redo it all in 8 pt Bradley Hand. That’s fun to read.

  4. Official notice: enemies of Carlotta would like you to consider that this post is now over a month old.

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