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She’s Got A Future In Hollywood.

Unfocused Girl drew this in the car on the way home from New York Thanksgiving weekend. It may be my favorite of all of her drawings this year, even if it’s a little shaky from the stop-and-go traffic going into Pennsylvania.  The movie industry is all about remakes and sequels, so I think she could go far with this concept:



VAMPIRE:  I vant to suck your blood!

ZORRO: I leave you with this, senor.

WHIP CRACKS:  BAM BAM BAM!  A bloody Z appears on the chest of the vampire.

ZORRO:  For not even I can give you all my blood.  That would give my life to evil.  This is the price you pay when you kill innocent people.

We’ll write up the treatment over winter break and start shopping it to agents and production companies.  Are Affleck and Damon still doing Project Greenlight?  And more importantly, will she give me an executive producer credit?