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Running Update and World Wide Half Marathon Race Report.

I took most of the summer off from regular updating, but now it’s well into fall (or, as we call it here in the Midwest, “winter”) and it’s time to start holding myself accountable again.

My last running post was my race report on the Chicago Half Marathon. Since then, my training has been pretty inconsistent and low energy, which showed in my dismal performance for the 4th annual World Wide Half Marathon, part of the World Wide Festival of Races, which also includes a 5K and 10K. The WWFOR has runners all over the world, each running his or her own race, either alone, with a few friends, or as part of an organized “official” race.  I finished in 2:00:07, 13:30 slower than my time for the Chicago Half three weeks earlier and 24:21 slower than my time for the 1st World Wide Half back in 2006. I don’t know why I was so slow, except that my running has been off and on lately and my legs still felt pretty wiped out as late as Saturday evening from a workout I did on Thursday morning. It was also damn cold, 29 degrees at the start, but I don’t think that would have had much effect.

Probably the biggest factor, though, was that as a virtual race, the World Wide Half is a race you run alone. I had a beautiful run on the North Branch Trail starting in Caldwell Woods, one of the Cook County Forest Preserves; I’ve never run that trail before, but I certainly will again.  The trail was wonderful, but I did miss the energy of other racers.

And last but not least, were the two trains that crossed my unstructured imaginary racecourse, and probably cost me four minutes.

This coming Saturday, I’m running what will probably be my final race of the season, the Men’s Health Urbanathlon, an 11.76 mile race and obstacle course.  I’m particularly looking forward to the Taxi Hurdle.


Long Run Sunday

Not that long ago — a few months, at most, although it seems like much longer — my regular Sunday morning run was ten miles, week in and week out. Yesterday, with a lucky combination of better weather than we’ve been having and a lack of other plans, I was able to take my first Sunday morning run in weeks. I slogged out a painfully slow one hour run of almost exactly two-thirds of my former Sunday distance. My running has gone to hell this snowbound winter, but the Shamrock Shuffle is two weeks away and I need to get some miles under my belt so that I don’t embarrass myself. Not that anyone else is concerned about my time, but I’ll know if I’m getting slower. I already know I’m getting older; I can feel it in my knees. I can tell that this running season, Aleve and I will be close friends once again.

I decided at the beginning of the year that once again, 2008 will not be a marathon year for me. I would like to get two or three half marathons under my belt again, and try for a PR at that distance, but I just don’t have time to train for a marathon. I will probably end the 2008 racing season with [insert trumpet fanfare here] the Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon, a virtual race for entrants all over the world. I ran the first one in 2006, but had to miss 2007; I don’t intend to miss it again. Registration hasn’t opened yet, but I think Phedippidations podcaster Steve Runner announced that the race will be held the weekend of October 11 and 12, 2008 (whichever works best for you). It’s a great idea, and Steve and the other organizers put a lot of effort into making it fun.

If you’re running the Shamrock Shuffle on March 30, maybe I’ll see you there. I’ll be wearing black shorts and a white cap.