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Tanned, Rested, and Ready to Collapse.

I don’t tan, actually. I burn and peel, then repeat, which is why I use SPF 50 or greater sunscreen when I plan to be outside for any extended activity, and usually use an SPF 20 aftershave in the morning.

We’re just back from two weeks at the Delaware shore, my favorite part of the year. We drove, as usual, an 813-mile car trip each way, that is so much a part of the tradition that the kids almost never complain. We put them to the test on the trip home this year, though. We (mostly the Siren) installed new kitchen cabinets in the beach house we share with my aunt and uncle, and the last parts of that project interfered with our packing and cleaning enough that we couldn’t leave on Saturday as planned, and had to do the entire drive home on Sunday – 16.5 hours, including pit stops. This would have been bad enough if we didn’t stay up until 1am Saturday night packing and if we had gotten out before 10:30 Sunday morning because finishing up the cleaning and then loading the bikes and car top carrier took longer than expected.

We got home at 2am, got to bed about 45 minutes later, and my cell phone rang at 8. I’ve been staring at the computer ever since, completely fried. I guess I’ll put some clothes on and start unloading the car.

It was a great trip — we went hiking and biking in the nearby state park, letterboxing, spent days just hanging out on the beach, ate at some of our favorite restaurants and discovered new ones, and I even got a little writing done. I’ll post a few pictures later this week, but for now, here’s one of the Boy creating an elaborate Wikki Stix (warning – page has annoying loud automatic sound player) system for his Batman H@ppy Me@l toy to swing from:

One other thing – for those of you who don’t get the significance of the length of the drive, here’s They Might Be Giants to explain it to you. We listen to this song at the start of each leg of the drive:


Sick and Tired. Literally.

I’m coming down with a cold.  I hardly ever get sick, so I can’t understand it.  It’s not as if I was out in the rain for hours recently, doing something physically taxing enough to suppress my immune system.

I am, in the words of those who know and love me, an idiot.

Unfortunately, I’m an idiot with a brief due on Thursday, and while I’d love to have gone to bed at 9pm this evening, instead it’s almost 2 in the morning and I’m just heading upstairs.

I am seriously getting too old for this shit.

I Just Flew in From the Coast, and Boy Are My Arms Tired.

I flew out to cold, rainy Southern California yesterday, and got in late tonight, very glad to be back here in Chicago, where it’s sunny and warm.

Well, it’s dark and warm, because it’s the middle of the night. I was going to say that I’m so tired that I feel like a zombie, but then I took the “What Are Your Chances of Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse?” survey. The unfortunate result:


Somehow, the whole “zombie” reference doesn’t seem so damn funny anymore. Click the badge above to take the survey yourself. Thanks to Sex Scenes at Starbucks for pointing me to it.