This Goddamn Thing Is Almost Done.

Very tired this morning, because I was up too late working on The Chapter. I haven’t talked about it much here, but last spring I was invited to write a chapter for a one-volume legal treatise. Now my final-you’ve-had-three-extensions-and-that’s-it deadline is Friday. I’m pretty close to finished, got a lot done over the weekened, and if I could just spend one more solid day on it I’d be in great shape.  But between court appearances, meetings, phone calls, and a couple of filings later in the week, I have no time to steal for this.  So it’s late nights and bleary mornings for the rest of the week.

Labor Day Weekend is going to be sweet.


2 responses to “This Goddamn Thing Is Almost Done.

  1. …I just remembered this is a three day weekend coming up. Ohthankyougods.

    Good luck with your Chapter Of Doom!

  2. I’ve been crazy busy this week, too – Mr. The Lass reminded me this morning of the impending holiday. I almost wept. Almost.

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