Absolutely, Positively, No.

I am not doing NaNoWriMo this year. Too busy, too much going on at work. The fact that I have come up with a terrific idea for a NaNo novel – breezy, fast-paced, completely outlandish storyline – will not sway me. I will simply write consistently. Calmly. Without drama. I will set a daily writing goal for myself, and meet it with aplomb.

My daily writing goal (other than times like RIGHT NOW when I need to finish my treatise chapter)? I’m usually happy with 500 words a day. But perhaps I’ll be a little more ambitious come autumn, and by November, my daily goal will be, oh, I don’t know, perhaps 1,667 words.

That seems like a nice, round number, doesn’t it?



13 responses to “Absolutely, Positively, No.

  1. Yeah, I’ve never done the NaNaWriMo. I can’t write on demand like that. Plus, I’m stuck in the middle of a first draft and I’m too busy working on that to stop and start something else. I’m making slow but steady progress. Yes, daily goals that take into consideration our lives, is the best way to go.

  2. I did NaNo for the first time last year and it yielded my second novel. I will be doing NaNo this year, although I already started, which is cheating I know, but still. As stressful as NaNo can be, it can also push you to get you were you need to go if you’re like me who needs a good shove once in awhile.

  3. I’m now following @NaNoWriMo on Twitter. Just for fun.

  4. I’m probably going to use Nano as my last push to Finish CoH. If I’m not already done, of course (hoo-ha-HA, wipes away tear of laughter).

  5. I say every year that NaNo is crazy. I never win so I won’t do it this year.

    I’m so doing it this year. I have an idea so I need to start planning. Plus the t-shirts are cool.

  6. But it always sounds like you have so much free time to do this. What else are you going to do? :)

  7. As a three-time Nano loser (never finished), I commend your decision. It always sounds like a good idea but then I feel pressured and my writing suffers. Yeah, that’s it.

    I don’t set myself a words-per-day-goal, but I do force myself to write for at least two hours every day…even if it isn’t particularly fruitful.

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