Decrepitude Has Crept Up on Me.

I will no longer be able to quote the line from “When Harry Met Sally” — “and I’m going to be 40… someday!” — with any sense of irony at all.  I am 40 today, and so far I am totally nonplussed, mainly because I went to bed too late and now I’m sleepy.

Where did the time go?  How is it possible I’ve reached this age without having more answers?  Without being further along?

And where’s my goddamn jetpack?

Gaaa. I’m going for a run.


9 responses to “Decrepitude Has Crept Up on Me.

  1. You’ve come plenty far. Happy birthday, old man.

  2. My jet pack is on back order apparently. Get in line!

  3. Hal has your jet pack Dave. You can pick it up at the airlock.

  4. Happy birthday. As a person who has been 40 for several months now I can tell you that it’s no different than 39. I mean, you can’t even get an age discount on anything yet. What a rip!

  5. If you can still run when no one’s chasing you, you’re not old.

  6. Thanks for joining me at 40. Now stop watching all of those parkour videos on YouTube. You’re freaking me out. Parkour is not an acceptable answer to the question, “What form will my midlife crisis take?”

    Happy birthday (belatedly on your blog, but I believe I mentioned it in person at 12:01 am on the great day so I should be covered)!

  7. Thank you all for your birthday wishes.

    Siren, what should I do instead, start playing golf?

  8. Happy Birthday – I’ll be 49 on my next birthday… you get no sympathy from me, young man.

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