Happy Birthday to the Green-Eyed Siren.

I haven’t posted much lately — you know how it is, busy busy busy.  But today is special – my lovely wife turns 40.  It’s clear that 40 will be much better than 39:

39 ended with catching a nasty summer cold and fever.

40 begins with recovering from a nasty summer cold and fever.

39 ended with our crawlspace being infested with rats.

40 begins with the rats on the run.

39 ended with a clunky old car (until last month).

40 begins with a cool new pimped out ride (last month)

39 ended with a dreaded milestone birthday looming.

40 begins with the next dreaded milestone birthday a full decade away.

Happy birthday, babe.


8 responses to “Happy Birthday to the Green-Eyed Siren.

  1. A very happy birthday to her! I’m not sure I like my 40’s yet (don’t tell her that part) but I’ve only been slogging around in this particular decade for a few years. Perhaps it’ll improve. Like wine and cheese.

  2. I would like to add that having known Siren for nearly two decades (!), she is even more fabulous now than she was when I met her. Happy Birthday to Siren! I’ll be back next week to wish you the same.

  3. You’re a glass half full kind of person, at least today! I love the phrase “rats on the run.” It sounds like it should be the name of something.

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes, one and all – the Siren appreciates them.

  5. Happy Birthday to you wife!

    Does the tricked out ride have spinning rims and a bunch of neon? That’s what all the women like.

  6. All that, plus the Playb0y bunny mudflaps.

  7. Thank you, everyone. And especially to Mr. Unfocused, who will join me on the other side of the 40 divide very, very soon.

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