Oh, Goody.

We don’t have mice!  Just rats.  The two critters we caught in the traps last night, which I thought were big mice, were actually baby rats.  Thank goodness, only one kind of vermin.

Moving on to something less depressing, I liked this post by internet movie pioneer Earl Newton of Stranger Things, on “Dealing with Silence and Rejection.” Having just received another rejection slip (my most encouraging yet!), this was a good find.  Thanks to Mur Lafferty for retweeting it.


3 responses to “Oh, Goody.

  1. Rejections. Haven’t faced that hurdle yet, but will, as soon as I get over this query thing.

  2. Sorry about the R. :(

    I always dealt with the rejections with booze and chocolate, and with silence with denial. It’s a good system.

    (okay, truth is: I just keep writing, no matter what. sooner or later everything else fades away when I do that.)

  3. Thanks for the linklove, Mr. Unfocused. :D

    When I’m in Chicago next we’ll have to grab food.

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