Shamrock Shuffle 2009: Race Day Morning.

Oh, frak.  Here’s what it looks like 2 hours before the start of the Shamrock Shuffle:

Race Day Morning 1

The snow is falling too fast to get a good shot with my iPhone, but I think you can see the blurred flakes.  Spring racing season.  Sheesh.

Also, we put off Junior’s 5th birthday party from December to today so that the weather would be nicer.  Sheesh again.


2 responses to “Shamrock Shuffle 2009: Race Day Morning.

  1. Eh, good luck with that. Maybe you should consider moving south. Just a tad. Chicago is ridiculous. Not that Virginia’s all that much better, but it’s 70 degrees right. 70.

    • JC – Sled dogs would have been nice, especially if I could have huddled with them for warmth.

      FH – 70 degrees sounds like at least a marginal improvement. But the Chicago weather builds character (see reference to “flinty Chicago toughness” in next post).

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