Love the Weather, Hate the Cable Company.

Just a quick post while we temporarily have functioning internet access.  Chicago is enjoying 50+ weather this weekend, which is great in every way except that it is killing our internet access.  When Comcast ran the line from the pole to the house back in 2002, they connected it wrong at the pole — with a vertical connection instead of horizontal.  I can’t quite see what they’re talking about, but vertical means that rain and melting snow run into the

*** wait, it’s down again ***

Okay, I’m back.  Water runs into the connection box because they installed it wrong more than six years ago.  We’ve had innumerable service calls, they know what the problem is, but they’ve never fixed it.  Today, the Siren called and got someone nice, competent, apologetic, and (this is key) didn’t assume that the Siren was an idiot.  Since he actually believed she knew what she was talking about, she was spared all the usual nonsense (“Turn everything off, sit in the dark for an hour, then turn it back on and call us back!”) and he scheduled a “line cut.”  This means that Comcast will send someone out next week to disconnect the line and start over, this time connecting it to the pole the right way, which should solve the problem.

Then he suggested we sign up for their phone service, since we already have TV and internet.  The Siren is a much nicer person than I am, and didn’t laugh.

If I can’t post my Sunday Stats tomorrow, you’ll know why.


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