Start the Clock, Again.

I just submitted TTB to an online, semi-pro market; it’s just too long for most of the online markets that pay professional (SFWA) rates.  This particular market has published some terrific stories by new authors and award-winners; it is also known for a quick turnaround, so I’ll probably get an answer soon.


2 responses to “Start the Clock, Again.

  1. Meaning what’s my prediction? I think TTB a good story, and but for its length, I would be supremely confident that it will (eventually) be published.


    TTB is over 13,000 words long, after multiple revisions and attempts to cut it down. Most genre markets, even online, won’t publish stories over 10,000 words (or less). It reduces the number of slots available for TTB, and the number of editors who will ever consider it. For all that, I guess I’d say I’m cautiously optimistic.

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