Do Not Annoy Happy Fun Ball.

Ralfast of Neither Here Nor There has tagged me with directions to identify six things that make me happy.  Never one to pass up an opportunity to talk about myself, I am happy to comply.

Two caveats, before I start:

1.  You’ll note sex isn’t on the list.  This is not because sex does not make me happy; to the contrary.  But everyone I’ve seen do this meme has listed sex, and it seems a little like a cop-out at this point for me to include it, too.  Or I could include breathing on the list as well, and only have to think of four things.

Also, my mother occasionally reads this blog.

2.  The list is not in any kind of order.  I’m even going to mix it up when I’m done so it isn’t in the order I think of things.  Because I detest prioritizing.


G.  Running.  I like to run.  I like running long distances in particular.  I like running in lousy weather, I even like running on a treadmill if that’s my only option.  I get very, very unhappy when I can’t run.

π.  Climbing walls.  I’ve only done it a few times, but there’s something indescribably wonderful about climbing a thirty-foot climbing wall, muscles screaming, hands scrabbling for purchase…

57.  My family.  The Green Eyed Siren and I have been together for more than 20 years, and we can still surprise and delight each other.  Our kids are genuinely nice, compassionate people who are interesting to talk to.  Is it any wonder that my first instinct when I get invited out for drinks after work is to say no?

AAA.  Apocolyptic science fiction.  Give me a good end of the world (or end of the world as we know it) story — zombies, the singularity, gray goo, whatever — and I’m engrossed.  I suspect it comes from growing up in the shadow of Teh Bomb (and within the probable kill zone from an H-bomb strike on Kennedy Airport).

¥. France.  The nation of France makes me happy.  I’ve been through most of it, and I love the towns, I love the cities, I love the food.  I don’t love the bathrooms at the youth hostel in Cassis, but the little canyons and secluded beaches make up for it.

6.  The beach.  Every summer, the Unfocused family packs up and heads for the beach for a week or two.  It is always the highlight of our year.

Now I’m supposed to tag six of you, but I’m just going to let you tag yourselves (Mike, this means you).  If you do, please leave a link in the comments.


7 responses to “Do Not Annoy Happy Fun Ball.

  1. AAA. Apocolyptic science fiction. Give me a good end of the world (or end of the world as we know it) story — zombies, the singularity, gray goo, whatever — and I’m engrossed.


    I loves me a good apocalyptic story, too. I can’t say it’d make my top six list of things that make me happy, but yanno…it’s up there. I didn’t grow up under that shadow, so I wonder what that says about me.


  2. When I saw ‘climbing walls’ I thought you were talking about your family again. The I realized the phrase is ‘driving me up the wall.’. I was close. Climbing walls sounds hard, and I don’t like heights, so I stay away from that.

    I’ll look into doing this after the weekend.

  3. I prefer playing Post-Apocalyptic games. Fallouts 1-2-3, Wasteland etc. But PA books are also great. As are movies and RPGs. (My geek roots are showing!)

  4. Jenifer – I tried to put up a couple of things that I don’t write about all the time. I didn’t mention writing, which certainly makes me happy, because that’s most of what this blog is about.

    Mike – climbing is probably the most exhilarating physical thing I’ve ever done, but if you don’t like heights, it’s probably not for you.

    Ralfast – I stopped gaming in college, because I had other priorities. Here’s how long ago that was: the only post-apocalyptic RPG available at the time was Gamma World.

  5. That was sometime ago.

  6. And the book was printed in black and white.

  7. Okay, I finally got around to doing it. You can find it here.

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