Quick Update from the Road.

I’m traveling today, but when I get home in the morning I’d better send that story that was rejected a couple of weeks ago back out, because (*cough cough submission scorecard on the sidebar cough cough*) I no longer have any short story submissions pending.


5 responses to “Quick Update from the Road.

  1. Good luck with the submission. Don’t give up.


  2. Good luck sending out the submission again.

    Remember, it’s a tough business. Nothing personal.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Steve, Gypsy. I guess I was too subtle — I was posting in a hurry. The new entry on the Submission Scoreboard is an acceptance…

    More in the next post.

  4. Well, I still reject you! I am a very PO’d beta reader awaiting my next submission (cough, cough).

  5. Hey, BR, you ought have that cough checked out.

    And check your email.

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