Another Rejection, Another Submission.

That was a fast turnaround; TTB got its third rejection yesterday (no personal comments), less than 24 hours after it was submitted. I’ve sent it on to its next potential home already, which will probably have a somewhat longer turnaround time. Ah, well.  The Democratic National Convention played havoc with my writing this week, but at least I got the story out for consideration.  Twice.

So how about you?  What have you got outstanding, sitting in a slush pile?  How long has it been out there?


3 responses to “Another Rejection, Another Submission.

  1. I just submitted a story to, of all things, the county fair. Does that count? My wife made me because she and my daughter are the queen and princess of blue ribbons and I’ve never had one. I had to seriously chop the story up to get it to the three-page limit, so it’s terrible (three pages? For fiction? Do you people even know what you’re doing?)

    We’ll see what happens. And congrats on submitting again. Showing up is half the battle.

  2. C.E., I read your post about your county fair submission this morning and I bled for you inside. Three pages indeed — that’s a flash fiction contest, not a short story contest. But does it count as a submission? Absolutely! You’re turning over your work to strangers to judge, there’s competition, and a reward. Sounds like a submission to me.

  3. you know, if only I’d envisioned it as a flash fiction contest, it would have made it much easier. Alas, most of my ideas don’t fit inside little boxes. I have a hard time not going over 5000 words on a blog post sometimes.

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