Rapture Ready.

An old friend of mine from high school, Daniel Radosh, has a new book out. Rapture Ready is described (on the website for the book) as:

Written with the perfect blend of amusement and respect, Rapture Ready! is an insightful, entertaining, and deeply weird journey through the often hidden world of Christian pop culture. This vast and influential subculture — a $7 billion industry and growing — can no longer be ignored by anyone who wants to understand the social, spiritual and political aspirations of evangelical Christians.

One section of the book appears to be based on an article in The New Yorker that Daniel wrote, profiling Tammy Bakker’s son, who is now a minister himself, albeit with a style that’s very different from what you’ll remember about his parents. It was a nicely balanced piece, not a hatchet job by a long shot, but Daniel didn’t suck up to his subject, either.

I haven’t read the book yet, but I’m about to order it on Amazon, and you can, too. I’m looking forward to reading it.

Thanks to Squidocto at Muss My Hair for cluing me in.


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  1. You’re welcome, most unfocused one.

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