Response to Weekend Assignment #212: Celebrate Poetry Month

I’m no poet, but Karen at Outpost Mavarin has assigned us to write a poem to celebrate National Poetry Month, and in the interest of building character, I’ll give it a shot. In the interest of getting it over with, I’m going to go with haiku, because I think I can handle seventeen syllables of verse.

Dark early morning

bed shakes, I leap up and stand,

hear glasses clinking

In honor of the Great Chicago Earthquake of 2008.


11 responses to “Response to Weekend Assignment #212: Celebrate Poetry Month

  1. I like it! I felt like I was there. I hope there was no damage. We slept through it.

  2. Thanks. No need to fear — the wine glasses were undamaged.

  3. I thought it was short, sweet, and to the point..

    Good job with an economy of words..

  4. Oh, well done! Good imagery packing into seventeen syllables, evoking a moment in time. I totally forgot there was a quake in the midwest this week. I thought I felt one once in Manlius, NY, but it turned out they used too much dynamite at a newarby state park. I never found out what they were trying to blow up!

  5. Karen and Joyce – Thanks. And Karen, seriously, how can you use TOO MUCH dynamite in a state park?

  6. Y’know, I thought that rather odd, myself! But that’s what the news anchor told me when he called me back.

  7. hey— i thought haiku was 5-7-5.

    here’s another, inspired by the same event.
    true story, it is.
    this is NC-17, so read at your own peril:

    that earthquake last week?
    my friend K. thought it was just
    her man jerking off.

  8. A commemorative haiku — how clever. I’m glad the wine glasses made it intact ;0)

  9. BB –

    Congratulations on being the only person to actually count the syllables in the second line. It should have read “bed shakes, I leap up and stand,” and I’m correcting it now.

    I’ve written three or four different comments on yours, but I’ve deleted them all. I don’t think I want to post them, even on an anonymous blog. It’s very, very funny.

  10. Kiva – So was I. The big ones are expensive!

  11. Hi thanks for posting thiss

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