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Fully migrated, and it feels so good

Every last gem has been laboriously imported by hand from Quick Blogcast to WordPress, with all of the loving care that this blog is known for.

I am out of excuses, and need to get back to writing the book. I’ve been listening to episodes of Mur Lafferty’s I Should Be Writing podcast over the last few days, and while I’ve gotten a lot out of it, the most important thing is that screwing around on the world wide internet web does not add to my word count.


I’m back, baby!

The DNS changes have propagated, the IQZ has been fully abaratrated, and the BMXs are finally, finally, unjavaricated. I still have a handful of posts to cut and paste from the old site to the new, improved, WordPress model, but I should have that done tonight. Whoo-hoo!

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By.

I am attempting to move my blog from GoDaddy.com’s Quick Blogcast to WordPress. I’m having a little trouble importing the blog posts — the comments and categories came over, but the only posts that were successfully imported were three draft posts I never published. The importing utility shows them all as having been imported, but they aren’t appearing as posts (obviously), and I can’t find them anywhere except when I try to import them again. We’ll see if the forums can help me avoid having to cut and paste them all.