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Happy Passover!

As the most ignorant Jewishish person around (my mother’s family is Jewish, but, as my high school friend Barry used to say, I’m not very good at it), allow me to wish you a happy Passover.  I was delighted to be pointed to Judaism 101 recently, which includes “Basic” information, “Things that every Jewish person should know, that require no prior knowledge.” That’s for me.

The Siren has been prepping for our seder all week, so I’d better go help!


Happy Passover!

When I was in high school, my friend Barry used to say that he was Jewish, but not very good at it. I’m half-Jewish, and not terribly good even at that. Add it to the list of things I’m not terribly good at.

We do have a seder almost every year for Passover, though, so the kids learn something about this part of their heritage (and because we enjoy it). Over the years we’ve cobbled together our own Haggadah from various sources, and we all have our designated lines. Mrs. Unfocused, Lutheran born and bred, gets into the spirit of it, even to the point of buying kosher-for-passover wine, which has come a long way from the sugary aged grape juice I remember tasting as a youngster. She also does a lot more of the preparation work than I do; she’s cooking now – I can smell the lamb shanks from the upstairs bathroom where I’m giving the kids a bath. A little over eight hours to sunset. Getting hungry.

I don’t have anything deep to say about Pesach; I’m neither religious nor spiritual. But I do think it’s important to pass on at least some of these traditions, if only to keep the history alive.