So Much For That.

I just wrote a long, rambling post that ate when I hit Save Draft, a good reminder that I should compose these posts elsewhere and just paste them into the New Post window here at WordPress. I don’t have the energy to re-write it, and frankly, you’re better off without it. Here are the highlights:

– Politics: Mayor-elect Emanuel good. Recently-appointed incumbent alderman running for his first election bad, because he is the 5th consecutive member of his family to serve as alderman in this ward, a seat they’ve held for 80 years. He could raise the frakking dead and I’d vote against him. Although he’d probably still win, what with all the dead voters supporting him and his “raise the dead platform” – this is still Chicago. Since he can’t raise the dead — so far as we know — that’s purely hypothetical, but he’ll probably still win. In Chicago, reform only goes so far, but political dynasties go on for-freaking-ever.

– Health: The Boy has strep for the second time in a month. He threw up in the bathroom sink in the middle of washing up for bed, which was extra special. The Siren and I both have slight fevers and my throat is sore. Question for the reader: if the Siren and I wake up in the morning with full blown strep, who will help Unfocused Girl with her Inventors’ Fair project tomorrow?

(It’s a trick question. I don’t care how sick I am, I’m going to help her finish the Inventor’s Fair project – it’s too cool not to. If you’re lucky, I’ll post pictures. If you’re really lucky, I’ll post video.)

– Unfocused Girl’s birthday: My first-born child turns 10 on Monday. Whatever it was I wrote probably didn’t amount to much more than this, only with fewer sweeping violins. I’ll post something specific on Monday.

That’s all I’ve got. I’m completely wiped out, so I’m just going to post this fast and then look at LOLcats until I can drag myself upstairs.


5 responses to “So Much For That.

  1. Happy birthday to Z! Yes, I’ve been sick this weekend but managed to limp along doing all the same stuff AND MORE. Such is the life of a parent. No downtime, no sympathy.

  2. 10!! Oh goodness!

    Sending strep-less thoughts to you and can’t wait for pix or vid of the project.

    And lo, do I ever hate the vomit.

  3. Thanks, Claudia & Liz. The Boy is feeling better (but he still had a fever yesterday afternoon, so no school for him), and the Girl is all smiles for the big day. Grandma Siren came over this morning to watch the Boy and brought her first official present. And Claudia, all I can think about is your post from when Dusty turns 10 – if she suddenly comes home and announces she wants to have her ears pierced (not that I think that’s any more likely today than it was yesterday), I’ll probably have a stroke.

  4. It probably is unlikely. Dusty’s been waiting for this. Because I got my ears pierced at 10, I (stupidly) told her she could get hers done when she was 10. So….I couldn’t suddenly say “no”. Her BFF has to wait three more years. Perhaps Z won’t be interested until she spies a pair of special-edition Hogwarts earrings or something. Or, maybe never. I think this kind of thing is more kid-specific than age-specific.

  5. I think you’re probably right – I can’t imagine that fast a personality change.

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