The Siren Is Awesome.

The Green-Eyed Siren made the coat for me — it came off the sewing machine and on to my back at about 4:30 this afternoon, accompanied by a chorus of the kids chanting “Can we go now? Can we go now?” — and ordered all of the accessories. Because she loves me, and she’s just as geeky as I am.

She also made the costumes for the Unfocused kids: Katara from The L@st A1rb3nder and Sun Man, Junior’s secret identity:



7 responses to “The Siren Is Awesome.

  1. You guys all look awesome. And also, it’s about damn time one of you wrote a blog post. Tell Siren to stop sewing and start writing.

    • Thanks! And it’s good to be back. I’m in the mood for more long form posting, at least for the time being. As for the Siren, we’ll see — insane self-imposed deadlines aside, I think she finds the sewing less painful than the writing.

  2. Very cool.

  3. Holy cow, you look amazing, and so do your kids!

  4. Your daughter and my son should have gone Trick-or-Treating together. Too bad we live in two different time zones.

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