HANaNoWriMo Update: 14,725 words total

Breezeway Blows Town, day 8:

14725 / 25000 words. 59% done!

Not a bad weekend for writing.  I added 4600 words to my draft, even a few that I think may be worth hanging on to.  I got a little exercise – an hour of taekwondo with the kids yesterday, and a short long-run this morning (5.15 miles in 46:38 minutes), so I feel slightly less like a slug.

The kids are noticing that I’m spending more time writing, and are doing more writing themselves, as if that were possible.  If there were ever two people who didn’t need NaNoWriMo to loosen up their inner editors, it’s the two of them.

Speaking of the kids, Junior had his four front bottom teeth pulled on Thursday; they weren’t getting loose, but the grownup teeth are growing in anyway, and things were getting a mite crowded in Junior’s mouth.  His stunner of a smile is gone, temporarily, but he handled it well.  He’s going to make some orthodontist very happy (and rich) some day.

More NaNo tips:  YA authors Scott Westerfield and Justine Larbalestier are posting tips for NaNoWriMo on their blogs on alternating days.  Links at their names.


2 responses to “HANaNoWriMo Update: 14,725 words total

  1. My daughter writes stories constantly. She’s working on a scifi/dino tale right now.

    But she has to stop writing to do the illustrations, so it’s sort of slow going. =)

  2. I know what you mean. And both kids simply will not understand that it is easier to write the book before you decide how much paper to fold over and staple together. They take a stack of paper (usually the clean printer paper), fold it, staple it, then write to fill the pages.

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