HANaNoWriMo Word Count Total as of Day 3: 5766.

I’m falling asleep at the computer pathetically early, but so it is.  It’s 10:37pm, and, after writing both ways on the train, at the ChiWriMo South Loop Write-In over lunch, and again at home, I’m falling asleep on the keyboard of my MacBook.

Here’s today’s chart for my NaNoWriMo progress:

Breezeway Blows Town, Day 3:

5766 / 25000 words. 23% done!

One resource for fellow Wrimos that I’m enjoying is the encore presentation of The Nanomonkeys over at The Secret Lair. This is an encore feed of a short daily podcast that ran during the 2006 and 2007 NaNoWriMos, but is essentially as useful today as it was then. Highly recommended.


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