Summer Sunday Stats #1: Two Weeks, Two Days.

Our house is full again.  The Siren and the Unfocused Kids have been gone for 15 days.  First, they drove to our shared beach house in Delaware with the Siren’s mother. I used up some frequent flyer miles and joined them for last weekend, then flew back to Chicago Sunday night, worked Monday and Tuesday, then met them in Philadelphia (where they had dropped the Siren’s mother to spend a week with her brother) to drive to my mother’s place in rural New York.  We had a nice visit, then started the drive Saturday evening and got about 250 miles in before stopping for the night and doing the rest today.  Breaking the drive up into two pieces felt positively luxurious compared to the one-day drive home from Brooklyn last Thanksgiving weekend.

I’m glad to have everyone back home — the house was eeriely empty while the Siren and kids were gone.

On Writing: I think my word count for the week was something like 150 — I just didn’t have a lot of time to work on Project Hometown, even on the plane.  The week before was a little better, but not a whole lot.  The total word count for Porject Hometown is now 11,586.  I also mapped out a pretty good short story idea that I would like to work on in the coming month.

“Jimmies” was rejected, with the most encouraging rejection letter yet — it even implied that more than one person had read it.  I’ll send it back out again this week, but it’s time to finish something new.

On Running: Not bad.  I had a good 8.5 mile run from our hotel to my mother’s on Saturday morning; I was slow, but it was uphill almost half the distance, which is a big change from my usual Flatland routes.

Hope your summer is off to a rollicking start.


6 responses to “Summer Sunday Stats #1: Two Weeks, Two Days.

  1. Sounds like a busy couple of weeks. It’s always better to break up those long road trips. I get tired after driving for 45 minutes.

    Good luck with “Jimmies.” defintely sounds encouraging.

  2. The encouraging rejection. Sigh. The back-handed compliment. I’ll take that over the slap-in-the-face-we-can’t-be-bothered-to-even-comment-or-pretend-we’ve-read-your-submission one. Good luck!!

  3. Rejections…I finally faced my fears (a little) and wrote a damned query letter. I handed it over the folks over at AQ forums so they could tear it apart to their evil heart’s content.

    Hopefully something good will come out of all the bloodletting, as in agent+publisher=hit book!

    I can dream, can’t I?

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