Revising Meet the Larssons: Three Pages.

The revision of the chapter formerly known as Chapter 14 — 21 pages (through page 172) — took me about an hour, all in, a sure sign that I’m doing it wrong.  Still, I expected it to be easier than the previous chapter, because the events in it still fit the revised plotline; all I really needed to do was line edit and make some relatively minor revisions for character development and add a little foreshadowing.  Still, I never expected this:

Pages 167, 168, and 169 of Meet the Larssons

Pages 167, 168, and 169 of Meet the Larssons

Your eyes do not deceive you.  That’s three consecutive pages with no edits.

I really needed an easy chapter, because the Manuscript Slog has been brutal so far.  Being able to make measurable progress quickly is very encouraging, even though I know that in another chapter or two, I’ll get bogged down again.


5 responses to “Revising Meet the Larssons: Three Pages.

  1. Maybe as you get deeper into the novel you’ll have less and less to eradicate from each chapter. One can hope, right?

  2. Nice! :)

    I can’t wait for my middle chapters to look *somewhat* clean.

  3. Mike – Unfortunately for me, the middle is likely to be an evil, soul-sucking morass that I will only be able to get through with a machete. Luckily, the Siren gave me a machete for Christmas, so I have the right tool for the job.

    Scarlett – I don’t know that I’ll have three clean pages in a row again, but at least I can come back to this post and gaze at the photo. Good luck finishing your current draft!

  4. A machete is always hand around the house.


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