Maybe We’re Not Doomed After All.

I’m finding it hard to hang onto my protective cynicism through the inauguration, so maybe I’ll just put it down for a few minutes.

It already feels like everything is better, even if just a little.

4 responses to “Maybe We’re Not Doomed After All.

  1. No we are not doomed…at least not yet!


    BTW, on an completely unrelated noted, since you are a practicing attorney, do you use project tracking/managing software to track your writing projects?

    • Ralph- Nope. Of course, I don’t use project management software in my practice, either. I have a couple of whiteboards in my office that I use mostly to keep track of court dates and client/matter codes. I keep my office calendar on Outlook, and sync social events (evenings and weekends) with Google Calendar. That’s about as far as it goes, I’m afraid.

      I do have a spreadsheet (in iWork Numbers) for short story submissions, so that I can keep track of what I have out and where, so that I don’t accidentally resubmit a story to a market that’s already rejected it.

      Do you?

  2. No. I was looking for something like that. I thought about using Excel, except that I really don’t know how to use spreadsheets (never learned, not even from the days of Lotus 1-2-3!). My cousin suggested I use project manager software and I know a lot of lawyers use time management programs to keep track of their billable hours. That is why I asked.

    Thanks for the prompt answer.

    • For this purpose, the spreadsheet is pretty easy because you’re not asking it to do anything – no formulas needed. It’s just for easy layout. You could accomplish the same thing with a table in your word processor.

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