Got Christmas Blend?

No, you don’t.  Because I have it all.

Bwa ha ha ha haaaaaa.

Here’s a picture of my miser’s hoard:


The Mrs. and I really like Starbucks Christmas Blend.  A lot.  Coffee is very important to me.


12 responses to “Got Christmas Blend?

  1. If you think you like Starbucks, try my Christmas Blend… free half pound if you’ll blog about it.

  2. Apparently. I think the Christmas Blend caffeine may have gone to your head a bit.

    Just saying :)

  3. Gee, coffee designed to enhance Christmas or . . . the essence of muddy dog? Sounds like a tough sell . . .

  4. Muddy Dog: Deal. Mailing address to follow by email. No one’s ever offered me anything worth having on account of the blog before, and as a former temporary Tar Heel (1992-93 at UNC Chapel Hill), I feel morally obliged to support a Carolina small business. If there are any particular instructions for making the coffee to its best effect, please let me know; I use a Capresso MT-500 coffee maker (metal cone filter), if that matters.

    Jenn – The problem wasn’t too much caffeine at the time of purchase, it was too much bad hotel coffee.

    Beta – Jealous much?

  5. Um, fer shur, why I didn’t git me sum must be becuz you took it all and that jist aint fare and all.
    I like me sum Christmas blend even wen it ain’t bein Christmas and all so how cum you hadda go n do that? I’mma purty durn riled up atcha, so bad that Imma talkin kinda funny and all. I dun think itza that gosh durn cafeen depravashun settin in.

    Heya Buford? Buford! Git yur sorry arse in hear soz I kin thretin this hera fella. Daggonit. Hez never round win I be needin him.

    Will, you jist wait. Youz’n wont be haven that ther whored much longer if’n I have ma way.

  6. A coffee. Strange I wasn’t much of a coffee nut until Law school, after that. But let me say this, no American water-down swill for me. Strong, real coffee. If you can see the spoon at the bottom of the cup on so called black coffee, then my friend that is nothing more than tinted hot water!

    Enjoy your blend!

  7. Buzzzz! Wait, wait, there’s a flag on the play. The Ref is now demanding that Ralph explain why there’s a spoon in his “black” coffee.

  8. That thar’s a good point, mister unfocused.

  9. Its a test. Use a mixer if you must, or a straw. Just saying.


  10. Which by the way its the spoon I use to pour the sugar into the coffee. The old fashion way.

  11. Ralph – I’ve dropped small mammals into my coffee cup and not been able to see them at the bottom, so I think I’m good. And I like my coffee dark and bitter, like a lawyer’s heart (to paraphrase Monty Burns).

    Poietes – It’s my blog, I get to make all the good points. It’s only fair, right?

  12. You betch, don’t cha know . . .

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