We’re Home.

We got in at 2:15am, after more than 16 hours on the road.  Was it the traffic getting out of New York City?  Nope — the Brooklyn Bridge and Holland Tunnel were wide open.  Was it the weather?  Nope — it slowed us down a little, but it wasn’t really a problem.

Was it the two-and-a-half hour traffic delay before and right after the Delaware Water Gap at the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border, where there was NO REASON AT ALL for there to be so many people?



2 responses to “We’re Home.

  1. I am so sorry for your miserable trip home and hope it does not prevent future trips. It was a big treat for us to see you on T-Day. Love to all.

  2. Not to worry (because I can’t use the phrase “no worries” without feeling like a stoner) — we had a terrific trip, and will definitely do it again. Next time, we’ll just figure out a way to drive from Chicago to NYC without crossing the Delaware River, maybe by detouring north through Canada.

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