Are They Talking To Us?

The whole Unfocused family, I mean. We went to Navy Pier tonight to see Willy Wonka and ride the Ferris wheel. The garages on the Pier were full, so we parked a ways off and took the bus. This ad was right across from where we were sitting:

“Do you or someone in your family experience some or all of the following: * Easily distracted * Forgetful of daily activities * Overly active * Trouble paying attention to detail”



2 responses to “Are They Talking To Us?

  1. The thing I like about that advert is it’s so wordy. By the time you get to the contact details, most of those it’s aimed at are looking at the shiny over there instead.

  2. Seems too long where it should be short and to the point. The message is important but was poorly conveyed here.


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