Another Meme About Me.

Well, I’ve taken my sweet time on this post. I got tagged by Freshhell a week and a half ago to talk about myself. I like talking about myself, so I’m happy to play along. Since Freshhell is a rebel (and she never ever does… what she should), she didn’t post the rules for the meme. As an attorney, this type of anarchistic adhocracy makes me nervous and insecure, but I’ll do my best to work with what I’ve been able to deduce from Freshhell’s entry.

What was I doing ten years ago?

In 1998, I was a third year litigation associate at my old firm, one of the oldest large law firms in town. Mrs. Unfocused and I had been married, but there were no little Unfocuseds on the scene yet. I traveled a lot that summer for work, mostly to Los Angeles (fun!) and Dallas (kill me!). Along with a number of my colleagues, I reviewed documents under the watchful — and heavily armed — guard of a rotating crew of FBI agents in an shuttered post office. Not the worst place I’ve ever reviewed documents (that would be at a shuttered mine, where I had to watch out for snakes and armed poachers), but the latex gloves we had to wear added a special layer of indignity to an already awful project.

The Mrs. and I also went to Paris that November, and spent the entire week NOT going to museums or monuments. We ate in wonderful restaurants, and looked for vintage posters. It was a fantastic week, despite the freezing weather.

Five things on my to do list today.

Since it’s 11pm, and “flossing” does not an interesting blog post make, I’ll give you five things on my to do list for tomorrow.

  1. Go for a run in the morning.
  2. Submit TTB to another magazine (snail mail again).
  3. Take my glasses to the optometrist to have new lenses installed.
  4. Make significant progress on a couple of briefs I need to get through by the end of the week.
  5. Write 500 words — just 500 lousy words! — of Meet the Larssons.

I’ll post tomorrow night or Wednesday to let you know how I did.

Snacks I enjoy.

My kryptonite: barbecue-flavored potato chips.

Things I’d do if I were a billionaire (in no particular order).

  1. Put almost all of the money in really easy investments, so that I wouldn’t have to spend all my time thinking about my money. Better still, hire a bank to deal with it for me.
  2. Set up a private foundation to give some of it away. Hire someone to manage that, too, so that I would only have to get involved with projects that interested me.
  3. Get my damn 5K time below 20 minutes. Even if I have to buy new knees to do it.
  4. Buy an apartment in Paris. The Mrs. always said she was a Rive Gauche kind of gal, she should have the chance to prove it.
  5. Also buy homes in London, Toronto, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Mumbai, and Johannesburg. Diversification is important.
  6. Space Camp for the whole family.
  7. Make the time to finish the damn novel.
  8. Buy any domain name I think of.

Places I’ve lived.

  1. New York City (Manhattan) (July 1969-1970).
  2. New York City (Brooklyn) (1970-October 1987).
  3. Chicago (Hyde Park) (October 1987-August 1995, except as noted below).
  4. New York City (Brooklyn) (summers 1988, 1989).
  5. Lisieux, Normandy, France (March-June 1989).
  6. Washington D.C. (June-August 1990).
  7. Chapel Hill, North Carolina (August 1992-June 1993).
  8. Chicago (Budlong Woods) (June-September 1993, June-September 1994).
  9. Chicago (Andersonville) (August 1995-November 1996).
  10. Chicago (Edgewater) (November 1996-July 2002).
  11. Chicago (Old Irving Park) (July 2002-present)

Who I want to know more about.

Why, you, of course. Do your own post and leave a link here in the comments.


3 responses to “Another Meme About Me.

  1. I loved this post. Most interesting, especially all the places you’ve lived and the work you did under the FBI’s watchful eyes (I’d like to hear more about that, or would you have to shoot me?).

    Keep writing and even if it’s a page a day, the idea is to keep at it. My goal is a page a day on any project, long as I do something.

    Check out my blog under Author and Nonfiction Book Project for more about me.

  2. Well done! See? You didn’t need any stinking rules to do this!

  3. Steve: I could tell you all about it, but then they’d have to shoot *me*. Maybe I’ll take a chance and post about it separately some time.

    Freshhell: Not exactly. I pretended there were rules the whole time.

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