Such a Deal!

I get an offer, and I pass the savings on to YOU!

Last week, I saw on the editor’s blog at The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction that they were giving copies of the June issue to bloggers in exchange for a commitment to blog about it. I sent an email asking to participate, but they ran out of copies (I was three or four days late, apparently). The next day, I received the following email:

Dear Sir or Madam:

Recently you contacted us about our free issue offer for bloggers. Unfortunately, we ran out of the promotional copies before you contacted us.

If you’d still like to give our magazine a try, we have arranged a special promotion for you. For bloggers only, we have posted a special discount subscription offer. Here are links to the offer:

Regular offer:


This offer is available ONLY through these links and we have not published the links elsewhere. But if you like the magazine, please feel free to put these links in your blogs so as to extend the offer to people who read your blogs.

This is a limited time offer and when it ends, it will not be available again.

So there you go. Looks to me like the one-year rate is about seven bucks less than the usual subscription rate. If you like your science fiction printed on dead trees and delivered to your door by a human, this may be the deal for you.

I haven’t decided whether or not to take advantage of it myself. It was only last summer that I was able to part with the ginormous moving box full of science fiction magazines from the years I subscribed to the Big Three, 1985 through around 1995. Mrs. Unfocused would not, I think, take kindly to me starting the collection all over again. But it is a tempting offer…


One response to “Such a Deal!

  1. Thanks for posting this. It’s a good idea for them, and I might take them up on the offer.

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