May 1. Happy Law Day!

Today is the fiftieth anniversary of the first official Law Day in the United States, a day to celebrate and reflect on the importance of the rule of law. Originally, it was a thumb in the eye of the Reds from Ike and the American Bar Association; now, nobody cares but us lawyers. What the hell, it may not be much of a holiday, but we’ll take it, thanks.

Here’s a link to the Wikipedia entry, and to the editorial by the President of the ABA. There, now you’re informed. Go forth and celebrate! And reflect!

It is also, for the record, exactly six months until the start of NaNoWriMo.


3 responses to “May 1. Happy Law Day!

  1. Do you get the day off ? (I know, good joke) I have never heard of this. It is kind of neat to have your own holiday. Enjoy it!

  2. Mike, Law Day is for all of us who care about and respect the rule of law.

    Current and former members of the Bush administration, of course, prefer to call it “Terrorists Win Day.”

    I forgot to pick my annual fight with Unfocused Girl about whether Law Day is a real holiday. For some reason, she always thinks I’m pulling her leg. I probably shouldn’t have told her than on Law Day she has to call me “Your Legally-rific Majesty.”

  3. Observe Law Day by enforcing these statutes:

    United States Code, Title 18, 2441: War Crimes
    United States Code, Title 18, 2340A: Torture


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