21K! Everyday, everyday, everyday I write the book.

I wrote 2300 words today to get 21,000 words into Meet the Larssons.  Scrivener tells me that’s 94 printed pages (only 57 pages if it were set like a mass market paperback, but still), which makes it almost 20 pages of fiction more than I have ever written before on one project.

I can feel myself getting impatient with the project, though.  I’m not even close to done, I’m really still at the beginning of the story, which is frustrating.  Not the beginning, I guess, but I’m definitely still in the set up.  The problem is I can see where the story is going, it’s just a question of having another (approximately) 200-250 hours to go before the first draft is finished, when I can only devote 1-2 hours at a time, maybe 3 on a relatively uncommitted weekend day or holiday.  At best, I’m going to have the first draft finished by summer, and that’s only if I can maintain this pace without significant interruption by work (HA!) or personal obligations.

I’m hoping that my impatience doesn’t get in the way of the writing.  The first time I sit down and can’t hammer out 750-900 words an hour on this novel is going to be a real test for me, and a sure sign that the honeymoon is over.  So far, I can’t complain that the words aren’t coming, only that I can’t type them any faster.

Also, I’d like the novel not to suck.

And, while I’m at it, a pony.


2 responses to “21K! Everyday, everyday, everyday I write the book.

  1. That’s a good start. Keep going, even if there’s no pony.

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